The grid of PowerFrame® in a violet color

PowerFrame® Grid technology

Only with VARTA®, do you get the patented PowerFrame® grid technology. This technology is stronger and longer-lasting than other grid designs.

Superior Performance

  • CONFIDENCE: PowerFrame® grid technology is designed to minimize corrosion that leads to premature battery failure, the most frequently replaced vehicle component*.
    *A leading Market Research firm.
  • DURABLE: PowerFrame® grid technology is reliable and built to last. It’s nearly three* times more corrosion resistant, making it more durable than other grid designs.
    *Based on comparison to other grid designs in real world fleet testing.
  • PERFORMANCE: The PowerFrame® grid technology pattern is optimized for full grid utilization, providing more than 60%* superior electrical flow for better connectivity.
    *Based on comparison to other grid designs in real world fleet testing.
  • RESPONSIBLE: The PowerFrame® grid technology manufacturing process is environmentally responsible, using 20% less energy and producing 20% fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods.

In short, it's built for exceptional performance throughout its long life.

Visit the PowerFrame® website to learn more!

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